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We very much welcome volunteers but they are requested to provide CV’s, referees and police clearance. This is in line with world international standard of volunteer service. If you are interested in volunteer work at the treasure house then contact us directly.

The purpose of the volunteer program is to provide structured assistance to the permanent caregiving staff. We also work with a group of short-term volunteers that is typically made up of young people from overseas who come and help us for periods of one week to several months.

Our permanent staff performs the primary caregiving duties, including feeding, nappy changing, dressing, holding, disciplining, etc. The intention is for the children to bond with the caregivers as they are the ones who can offer them love and attachment on an ongoing basis.

When volunteers are available to assist the staff with daily chores (such as bottle making,
snack making, tooth brushing, cleaning syringes, preparing vegetables, tutoring, mentoring,
coaching, and developmental play for infants and toddlers), the caregivers have more time to
cuddle and nurture the children, especially the younger ones.

Volunteers are encouraged to build relationships with the older children (seven and up) who can understand that a volunteer is here for only a short time and needs to return home. Volunteers are not encouraged to build bonds with younger children as the steady changeover of volunteers is unhealthy for the younger children.

We train our volunteers to understand the developmental needs of our children at different ages, and they are expected to comply with our recommendations.

Treasure house is ever grateful for the people who have devoted time, energy and love to the children and the Home throughout the years. As needs have shifted over time, we are finding that our children benefit from as much consistency as we can provide them.

Anyone considering volunteering at Treasure house should understand that we are not in a position to pay for volunteer services, either directly or in-kind. In other words, we are only able to work with individuals and groups that are able to financially support themselves while serving at treasure house.

Children’s Home volunteers play an instrumental role in assisting our staff with the daily running of our Home. This includes helping with household chores as well as engaging the children in various activities such as play time and homework time.

If you are considering to be a volunteer at the treasure than please contact Ulamila Cakau, and be ready for a life changing experience.


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  1. naziya farnaz nisha permalink
    May 23, 2013 7:36 am

    My name is naziya farnaz nisha and i have done caregiving course in csi(caregivers services international (fiji)Ltd) n i have done parctical in suva colonial War Memorial 2weeks and 2weeks Senior Citizen Home Hospital.And iam very thank full if i can help my people .I will very great full if u take me in your term my contact is 9220969

    • treasurehouse10 permalink*
      July 19, 2013 8:35 pm

      naziya pls call me on 9230192.myname is ulamila cakau. i just want to know what you feel like doing with us. we are based in nadi anyway and so where do you live in nadi or suva?

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